Dan Rogers never expected to go from rolling burritos to becoming the CEO of his own company. He always looks to challenge the status quo, and in doing so he helped to grow a quick-serve restaurant chain, tripled annual sales for a transportation business, and then bought and pivoted that same company to navigate tremendous growth. Point to Point has been listed for seven consecutive years on the Inc 5000.

Dan is also committed to advising companies on how to be a Sales Sidekick, cultivating value for both their clients and employees. Dan’s passion is coaching individuals so that they can clarify their vision, construct a plan, overcome obstacles, and reach their goals! In the Sales Sidekick Bootcamp, he shares the strategies and tools individuals can use to achieve those goals.

Time Codes:

(2:28) – Dan’s origin story of becoming CEO for Point to Point Transportation.
(4:30) – Dan’s transition into a sales role after starting as a driver with no experience.
(9:03) – The line between confidence & arrogance.
(11:11) – Do you have any examples where people might have felt uncomfortable being authentic but it ultimately was the right decision?
(15:50) – The importance of face-to-face interaction during communication & conflict.
(17:37) – If you do service and sales the right way, it will develop you.
(22:31) – How does your team balance activity with meeting review and development?
(27:07) – Dan’s unique definition of “sales”.
(28:53) – Building for a customer vs. building for a client.
(32:05) – How do you define your core cause?
(38:46) – What is Sales Sidekick?
(44:12) – How does the individual salesperson develop this “sidekick” mentality while still in a traditional comp-based role?
(52:01) – How do you define “value”?
(54:33) – What are the “8 tenants” you live by?
(59:22) – What is the purpose of business?