Jenny Sauer-Klein is the founder and CEO of the Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design, which trains event leaders to weave connection into the fabric of their events strategically. She is passionate about designing transformational experiences that prioritize connection over content and regularly consults for organizations like Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, and the Haas School of Business. Jenny created Play On Purpose, a video tutorial library with over 80 of her best virtual and in-person team-building games, to support facilitators to confidently engage and connect groups and teams.



(3:28) – What is the Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design?
(5:03) – How did this business originate?
(12:02) – What’s the purpose behind putting a client into the story?
(13:57) – Are you essentially turning every session into a workshop?
(17:40) – Is creating an A to Z framework all you need to do to put them into the story?
(19:23) – What other elements should people pay attention to as far as creating a story?
(25:19) – What are the best ways to get folks engaged in a session?
(34:20) – Is this approach to creating human experiences relevant to any event?
(36:02) – How do you define connection?
(38:19) – What are the principles of connection?
(52:09) – How important is physical space and touch?
(1:0:17) – What advice do you have for people to foster better, deeper connections in their lives?
(1:07:50) – Do you have any final thoughts?