Mike Del Ponte is a serial entrepreneur and CEO coach who has empowered founders to rapidly scale their start-ups to over $3 billion in total valuations. In this conversation, Mike discusses the ways he helps leaders level up and improve both their businesses and their lives.

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(1:56) – What exactly is your job and how did you get into this line of work?
(4:56) – What was your process for changing identity from being in the priesthood to becoming an entrepreneur?
(7:34) – What is the difference between a calling and a desire?
(9:41) – When you are coaching someone, what are they paying attention to inside themselves?
(15:36) – What does the process look like when starting with a CEO?
(18:34) – Do you have an example of what that might be?
(21:13) –  How do you think about the balance between telling your client the answer vs making the client come up with it?
(31:06) –  Do you see a lot of new startup CEOs needing coaching or is it just a stereotype?
(32:43) – How do you get people comfortable enough to know they need help?
(36:25) – How do you help diagnose lynchpin issues in clients?
(41:02) – How do you help someone through the stages of making new habits and mindsets stick?
(53:40) – What do you think people are getting wrong?
(54:52) – What are you most excited about in your work?
(55:43) – What is the purpose of business?
(56:36) – Where can people engage with you online?