Kim Mauller is the Director of Marketing & Insights on the Innovation and Foresight team at MolsonCoors. In this episode, Kim discusses the process she and her team use to look into the future and develop products that meet the world’s emerging needs.

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(2:12) – What is an innovation and foresight team?
(5:47) – How big is your team?
(6:39) – What teams do you plug into the most?
(9:09) – How did you come into working within foresight and future thinking?
(12:05) – How did you learn to see possibilities you might otherwise not have?
(20:37) – Are you looking at the world with a really open lens or do you get laser-focused on an audience first?
(25:14) – How much history do you read?
(30:44) – How do you get such good insights from your customer base?
(36:21) – Do you journal?
(37:24) – How do you avoid biases?
(39:20) – What are other pitfalls you see that will lead people astray in this kind of work?
(43:20) – How confident do you need to be to execute a prediction?
(47:43) – What are the trends you’re paying attention to now in the world?
(52:20) – What are you sick of talking about?