Francine Parham is a career expert focused on female leadership and the advancement of women and women of color into positions of leadership and authority in the workplace. Having spent two decades in the corporate sector advancing to the position of global vice president in two Fortune 500 companies (General Electric and Johnson & Johnson), Francine understands the importance of having the right skills (explicit and implicit) for career success. Francine’s experience being one of few Black women at her level resulted in her founding Francine Parham & Co.

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(3:09) – Francine’s origin story.
(5:15) – Does your work shore up skills gaps or opportunities gaps?
(8:14) – What are the pieces of an organization’s infrastructure that are creating boundaries for certain groups of people?
(15:38) – How should a leader be thinking in a way that allows for growing their business but also closing opportunity gaps?
(19:14) – What should people’s goals be when seeking to improve their DEI?
(24:58) – How would you guide a client to deal with blowback from groups not selected for focus on advancement?
(29:38) – What are your goals for your book?
(36:26) – How should aspiring professionals think about power in a corporate environment?
(41:51) – Do you have an example of how two companies have valued different things?
(52:32) – What is the purpose of business?
(55:18) – Wrap up.