Ryan McCrea is passionate about helping others own their career. He is currently the Head of Career Development at Atlassian, leading development and mobility programs for a growing global technology company with more than 7,000 employees. Prior to Atlassian, Ryan was Vice President and Manager of Talent Development at Commerce Bank where he built their corporate-wide professional development program from scratch.

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Time Codes:
(2:49) – How does one become a Learning & Development Leader?
(4:16) – What drew you to this aspect within HR?
(4:59) – How have you developed your knowledge base?
(6:38) – Where does a company start to develop its internal training?
(10:10) – How do you get buy-in from organizational leaders?
(12:13) – What skills have you developed to have an impact in your role?
(14:06) – What do you see as the staples of being a good marketer?
(17:28) – How do you structure learning environments?
(21:26) – What are you seeing when it comes to attention spans in employees?
(24:56) – Do you consider yourself a niche expert or a jack-of-all-trades?
(31:41) – Do you have an example of using the Agile framework for building programs?
(36:42) – What is a Scrum Master?
(37:53) – Is part of Agile breaking the entire process down into micro-steps?
(39:27) – How do you build recovery into your processes?
(41:52) – What’s the right way to roll out a Pilot?
(45:28) – How do you test and demonstrate ROI?
(48:54) – Where do you see leadership changing?
(56:53) – What is the purpose of business?
(58:13) – Where can people connect with you?