Emily Tsitrian is the author of Make Me the Boss: Surviving as a Millennial Manager in the Corporate World and coach to new managers experiencing the pressures of leadership for the first time.

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Time Codes:
(4:25) – What prompted you to write a book?
(6:35) – What are the biggest misconceptions from first-time leaders in organizations?
(9:30) – What changes do new leaders need to make as they step into these roles?
(11:24) – Do you have tips for organizing your priorities?
(14:28) – How should leaders change how they think about their place in the bigger picture of an organization?
(20:09) – Can you speak to what it means to prove yourself as a new leader?
(29:04) – How should a new leader deal with mistakes they make?
(33:29) – How should leaders react when their team makes a mistake?
(36:57) – If you don’t have formal coaches or mentors, how should leaders build mentoring into their practices?
(43:19) – Do you see younger millennials struggling with interpersonal communication?
(45:55) – Do you have any tips for improving communication skills?
(50:16) – How often do you see imposter syndrome?
(56:55) – Why would success scare someone?
(1:02:23) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:04:31) – Wrap up.