Bryan Gillette is a former Silicon Valley human resource executive, founder of his own leadership consulting business, and amateur ultra-endurance athlete. He has ridden his bike across the United States and run 205 miles around Lake Tahoe. After interviewing 100 leaders on how they reach their peak and from his own experience in both roles, he wrote EPIC Performance: Lessons from 100 Executives and Endurance Athletes on Reaching Your Peak. In his speaking engagements and podcast interviews, he talks about the key aspects to push oneself and one’s team further.

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(3:04) – What is an “ultra” and why would anyone run that far?
(5:33) – What is your day job?
(6:42) – How do you coach clients to pick their goals? How do you pick your goals?
(9:02) – Do you have any exercises for thinking about values?
(15:53) – How do you help clients prioritize their goals?
(18:53) – How do you get your clients to their starting line?
(25:34) – How do you get people to stick to their stretch goals?
(33:07) – Overcoming the pull to quit when you’re tired.
(41:08) – How does training for a marathon translate to business goals?
(48:22) – What are you sick of talking about?
(52:08) – What aren’t people talking enough about when it comes to performance?
(55:19) – What is the purpose of life?