Danielle Crane is the Vice President of Global HR for  OneStream Software. She has been committed to modernizing the human resources field since her entrance over 15 years ago. Captivated by the art of recruitment early on in her career, Danielle was immediately drawn to how it made her feel – creative, results-focused, and value-added. Since then, she has strived to recreate that feeling in all disciplines of HR, from talent acquisition to compensation and benefits to employee development and retention. Practicing HR in a variety of industries, from tech to financial services to non-profit, Danielle has partnered with leadership to build simplified, high-performing HR functions that fuel organizational growth and success.

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(3:35) – How did you become an HR professional?
(8:18) – When did Design Thinking enter the picture?
(10:09) – What is Design Thinking and how can you implement it at work?
(13:40) – The importance of slowing down when implementing Design Thinking.
(18:09) – What’s your process for testing?
(20:34) – The failure rate of changes implemented by teams and committees.
(26:23) – Determining the “right” goals.
(28:22) – “If you have an hour to solve a problem, you should spend half the time defining the problem.”
(30:06) – How did you go about studying Design Thinking?
(32:08) – What support or friction did you face bringing these ideas into your role as Chief People Officer?
(38:21) – Do you have other examples of how you brought the external in?
(42:59) – Where does behavior science come into this process?
(48:47) – What is the purpose of business?