Charlie Judy is the Chief People Officer at Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO). He leads a collaborative effort to manage a culture and employee experience that attracts, connects, and advances a world-class workforce. Charlie has over 26 years of experience as an HR executive with some of the world’s most prominent professional services firms, including Baker Tilly, Navigant, and Deloitte. Most recently, he disembarked from an entrepreneurial venture building a successful company around a workplace culture assessment model and analytics platform.

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(2:34) – Charlie’s origin story as an HR leader.
(4:00) – Stepping off the traditional Corporate America path.
(9:15) – How do you define culture?
(11:50) – What impact does a good culture have, and what impact does a negative culture have on an organization?
(14:59) – Where do leaders start with culture to ensure a solid foundation?
(17:47) – How should executives be thinking about their role in setting and maintaining a culture?
(27:16) – How do you build the ability to have impactful conversations with your people on the ground?
(35:47) – Is there specific training or coaching to build this skill in frontline managers?
(40:23) – How do you empower people with the feeling of ownership?
(48:36) – What is the purpose of business?
(50:26) – Wrap up and final thoughts.