Dr. Jeff Spencer is a former Olympic cyclist turned personal and professional coach who makes winning big the normal. He has helped clients like Hitachi, U2, and Tiger Woods master their mindset and achieve their most aspirational goals. He’s been featured in Fortune magazine, Huffington Post, and the LA Times. With all his outward success, his greatest achievement is raising his adopted daughter.

Dr. Spencer explains how to get out of the ruts that are holding us back, how to build a champion’s mindset, and how to set yourself up for success from the very beginning.

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(2:39) – How do you define the work that you do?
(4:37) – What are the components of ‘The Whole’ that you look at when working with a new client?
(6:17) – What are the different components to get someone from their starting point to their end-goal?
(11:09) – What are we all screwing up when it comes to clarity?
(13:36) – What is the way to overcome the voice of imminent failure within ourselves?
(16:20) – Where is the starting point for changing the story we tell ourselves, about ourselves?
(18:23) – Is there a lot of writing and journaling required in the work you do?
(21:28) – How do you know if you have the right goal?
(25:55) – Over Preparing for the practice of achieving your goal
(28:47) – Should everybody have an aspiration that is comparable to those of professional athletes, Olympians, and CEOs?
(34:20) – Making goal achievement predictable and consistent
(37:40) – Is there a point where you recommend people work with a therapist when bogged down with trauma or anxiety that would’ve led to self-sabotage?
(39:36) –  For someone in a leadership position, how do they start to inspire others to do some of this work?
(42:59) – Goal setting exercise promoted by CPO of Lulu Lemon
(44:55) – Does an individual have to be obsessed and singularly focused to be elite?
(49:35) – Having the courage to act on your own goals
(51:06) – Where do you get the most pushback in your approach?
(52:51) – What is the purpose of business?
(54:00) – Where can people learn more about you and your work?