Erich Kurschat is the owner of Harmony Insights LLC, a company that helps organizations and consultants leverage the DISC personality assessment.  A self-proclaimed “DISC Nerd”, Erich shares in this conversation the history of assessments, the major ones currently used by employers, and how to make the most of whichever tool you choose (especially DISC).

Erich is also the founder of HRHotSeat, an inclusive mastermind community of HR professionals solving real HR problems.  Erich draws from a broad range of experiences as a corporate HR professional, a public speaker, a career coach, a classical musician, and a proud introvert to inspire others toward meaningful work and productive workplace relationships.

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Time Stamps

(2:27) – The Pitch for Harmony Insights
(3:13) – What does an engagement with you look like? 
(5:01) – What’s the basic history of assessments?
(6:52) – How do you create an assessment? 
(9:17) – What are the most common assessments you see and what are they trying to accomplish?
(11:08) – What are the different versions of DISC and why would you use one over the other?
(12:44) – Assessments that evolve from DISC.
(14:31) – Are different assessments being used to get different results?
(20:06) –  Misconceptions in DISC in regards to recruiting and using DISC to determine likability.
(28:08) – Do you have an example of a client that’s used DISC effectively and made it their common language? What do those conversations look like? 
(31:58) – Explaining the ROI for these engagements.
(34:01) – What the DISC tool is and the elements of the assessment.
(36:16) – Each Letter within DISC explained.
(39:54) – How do folks who fall on different areas of the DISC spectrum effectively communicate?
(44:58) – Leveraging your teammates to serve the greater good.
(48:50) – What are you sick of talking about? 
(52:17) – What is the purpose of business? 
(53:11) – What is the difference between value and the perception of value?