Getting Into StoryMode w/ Jill Pollack & Beth Nyland

Jill Pollack and Beth Nyland are the founders of StoryMode, where they help business professionals spice up their communications, connect with others, and drive results. With Beth’s career in corporate communication and Jill’s background in creative writing, they are the perfect team to help individuals tap into their creative confidence and craft messages that inspire the audience to action.Continue reading “Getting Into StoryMode w/ Jill Pollack & Beth Nyland”

The Sales Drummer w/ Tony Lenhart

Tony Lenhart is a partner at Sales Empowerment Group (SEG). With a degree in Selling & Sales Management, he has worked on honing the art and science of sales through direct sales, sales leadership, and entrepreneurship. He spent the first decade of his career in various sales and leadership roles and the last ten years scaling a successfulContinue reading “The Sales Drummer w/ Tony Lenhart”

The Retention Expert w/ Lynn Thomas

Lynn Thomas is a tax-attorney-turned-consultant who finds innovative and novel ways to create fiercely loyal clients and employees. She is an expert in client and employee retention and helping companies thrill the people they work with. Consequently, these businesses achieve higher levels of profits, growth, and retention. Mentioned in this Episode: Thomas Consulting Extreme Humanism by TomContinue reading “The Retention Expert w/ Lynn Thomas”

Inner Excellence w/ Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is a performance and mental skills coach to Olympic and professional athletes and business leaders around the world.  He has coached some of the world’s best golfers including world champions, FedEx Cup champions, and world #1’s. His first book, Dugout Wisdom: Ten Principles of Championship Teams came from his 38 in-person interviews of pro baseball GMsContinue reading “Inner Excellence w/ Jim Murphy”

Measure Your Mind w/ Debbie Vyskocil

Debbie Vyskocil is the Founder and President of Optimal Edge Performance, a neuroscience-based, data-driven consulting firm that coaches clients to reach peak levels of achievement. With an electrical engineering background, a psychology degree, and extensive neuroscience training, Debbie’s unique combination of scientific and emotional acumen leads her to work with some of the business world’s highest performers.Continue reading “Measure Your Mind w/ Debbie Vyskocil”

Improve Your Headspace w/ Dr. Clare Purvis

Dr. Clare Purvis is the Senior Director of Behavioral Science at Headspace. Bridging science and innovation, Clare is committed to developing and scaling health products that support people in living full and vital lives. Clare leads the company’s Behavioral Science team, which focuses on integrating behavioral science into company operations at scale, ensuring that Headspace inspires, guides,Continue reading “Improve Your Headspace w/ Dr. Clare Purvis”

Preventing Burnout w/ Kaitlyn Lyons

Kaitlyn Lyons is the founder and CEO of Delightful Movement Coaching. She helps stressed, overworked, burned-out professionals restore energy, enthusiasm, and joy. After 10 years in Fortune 300 organizations as a strategic advisor, internal consultant, and project manager, Kaitlyn excelled at challenging, high-visibility, high-pressure projects. She also burned out. Now she helps hard-charging individuals, leaders, and teamsContinue reading “Preventing Burnout w/ Kaitlyn Lyons”

Becoming A Professional w/ Elise Gelwicks

Elise Gelwicks founded her first company in college to help students secure internships through networking. After working at Kimberly-Clark and in management consulting, she founded Eleview Consulting. Eleview works with companies to give their teams the skills, tools, and resources to successfully navigate the delicate dynamics of the working world. Elise has been featured in the NewContinue reading “Becoming A Professional w/ Elise Gelwicks”

Being a Sales Sidekick w/ Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers never expected to go from rolling burritos to becoming the CEO of his own company. He always looks to challenge the status quo, and in doing so he helped to grow a quick-serve restaurant chain, tripled annual sales for a transportation business, and then bought and pivoted that same company to navigate tremendous growth. PointContinue reading “Being a Sales Sidekick w/ Dan Rogers”

Building a Better Business w/ Sam Yagan & Lindsay Verstegen

Sam Yagan and Lindsay Verstegan worked together as the CEO and CHRO of ShopRunner from 2016 until it sold to Fedex in early 2021. These two leaders worked closely from day one, setting a purposeful people strategy that led to 300% growth during their four years together. This conversation was recorded as part of Chicago SHRM‘s “HR Strategy Series”. Chicago SHRMContinue reading “Building a Better Business w/ Sam Yagan & Lindsay Verstegen”