Todd Hlasney is the Director of Health Risk Solutions at Lockton where he and his team help companies build wellness programs that improve health and lower cost. In this episode, Todd shares best practices, how to make data actionable, and the ways to approach different segments of your employee base.

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(2:21) – Introducing Todd Hlasney
(3:28) – What is population health?
(4:25) – Are the terms wellness and wellbeing interchangeable?
(6:45) – Why would employers take responsibility for the health of their employees?
(8:17) – Where does wellness start to be impactful for a company?
(11:29) –  What are the types of health risks you are looking for and what are the interventions?
(14:47) – What kind of ROI metrics, from a dollar standpoint, are you seeing and what are employers doing to get it?
(18:23) – Is your group looking at blanketing across the 23-25% and creating strategies or are you getting hyper-specific on the high-cost claims?
(24:55) – What are chronic conditions and what happens when you start to stack them?
(27:19) – Can you explain “gaps in care” and how companies can close them?
(30:31) – What does it look like in practice to get people to change their behavior?
(33:29) – Is it fair to say that executive leadership drives the culture of the whole organization?
(39:09) – Is there a way to get leadership on board with building up the company culture?
(41:13) – Have you ever seen leadership roll out programs by using it only themselves first?
(46:27) – What questions should employers be asking in order to build these programs?
(50:26) – What are you sick of talking about?
(52:19) – What are you most excited to be talking about?