What do you mean learning styles aren’t real? Teri Hart is a corporate learning executive with 25+ years of experience in learning and development at top companies. She is also the author of Hardwired to Learn: Leveraging the Self-Sustaining Power of Lifelong Learning. In this conversation, Teri dispels myths about how people learn and shares practical ways individuals can learn better and companies can better educate their people.


Time Codes:

(1:46) – What does it mean to be a lifelong learner?
(3:36) – What portion of the population that you see are proactive in learning?
(6:28) – What are some of the most common myths surrounding learning?
(9:29) – What do you mean that there are no learning styles?
(13:07) – How much of the sentiment that we stop learning as adults are just us not wanting to look stupid, or do something hard?
(18:45) – How do you cultivate a culture of curiosity and vulnerability?
(22:04) – How do you coach people to recognize they’ve been closed off? Is it possible to spark their intrinsic motivation?
(28:59) – What is the process for learning?
(34:56) – How would you define someone’s purpose?
(40:19) – What are some learning hacks that you’ve developed?