Dr. Paul Spradley is a Certified Diversity Practitioner and the current Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Dollar Bank where he supports their ongoing commitment to an inclusive culture across the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia markets. Prior to joining Dollar Bank, Paul started the Diversity and Inclusion training firm, Care Based Leadership which is now being led by his wife, Dr. Jessica Spradley.

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Time Codes:
(3:26) – Paul’s background and journey into DE&I
(8:13) – What were your preconceived notions about working in the inner-city?
(17:44) – Cognitive dissonance in dealing with harsh realities.
(21:15) – Does equality have to feel like a takeaway from those who’ve had it good?
(24:19) – The importance of word choice (ex. “white supremacy”).
(29:25) – How can people of all colors come together and ultimately win?
(37:59) – Reversing the growing selfishness of society.
(48:08) – Why would a company care about DEI?
(50:31) – What is a Diversity Officer’s role?
(53:29) – Where are companies making mistakes when implementing this work?
(55:11) – What do you believe about people or business that might be contrarian?
(57:49) – What are you sick of talking about?
(1:01:44) – Is there a country out there that’s a great example of a multicultural society?
(1:03:13) – What is the purpose of business?