Marion Abrams is a podcasting coach & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and content creation. She co-created Spartan Race’s official podcast, Spartan Up (now boasting over 35 million views & downloads), and has worked on a range of projects from social media advisor on a gubernatorial campaign, to creating the documentary film Flood Bound, to directing TV ads for Vermont Lottery. On her podcast, Grounded Content, she explores what drives customer actions, and where the lines are between persuasion and manipulation.

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Time Codes:
(3:20) – Should everyone be their own content creator? When does it not make sense?
(6:29) – How did you come to be an expert on content creation?
(9:13) – Thoughts on being a jack-of-all-trades vs. having a niche.
(13:15) – What is Mad Motion?
(20:04) – How does someone determine a good resource from a bad one?
(23:16) – How did you learn to be effective in podcasting?
(28:27) –  What advice do you have for someone dealing with the angst of starting to build a presence online?
(31:21) – Showing different parts of the same persona online.
(33:00) – Exercises to help people find their voice.
(36:01) – How should we think about aligning ourselves as people with the business content we put out?
(38:38) – What’s the process for finding out the best way to craft a person’s message?
(42:14) – Marion’s 5 P’s
(51:15) – Do you have any contrarian beliefs?
(53:29) – What are you most sick of talking about?
(54:18) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(54:47) – What is the purpose of business?
(55:59) – Wrap up and find out how to find Marion.