Pam Evanson is a Sales & Business Coach with Lappin180, a high-performance sales consulting firm working to disrupt conventional sales norms and affect change.  Pam works with business-to-business sales professionals, helping them get out of their own way so they can truly connect and serve their prospects and customers (and, of course, generate more sales). She has an uncanny ability to connect with all personalities, is exceptionally intuitive with her observations, and is unflappable in her commitment to delivering the hard, kind truth. In this episode, Pam explains why we all hate salespeople and how sales can be done differently.


(2:55) – Can you pitch Lapin180 and the work that you do?
(3:46) – Who is the best salesperson you’ve ever bought from? 
(7:39) – Making a memorable experience for the customer in a sale
(9:09) – What’s the worst sales experience you’ve ever had?
(12:36) – Why do salespeople get such a bad wrap?
(14:00) – How do you define ‘Selling’?
(16:04) – How do you overcome the bias you face in a sales engagement?
(17:32) – What are the things a salesperson can do to demonstrate they’ll be okay if they don’t make the sale? 
(19:30) – How do you coach salespeople to get into the right mindset and stay there?
(21:49) – Selling by Taking vs. Selling by Giving
(25:30) – Do you see a correlation between people who approach sales the right way and people who look to improve themselves in other ways, outside of work?
(27:45) – Self Awareness
(30:55) – Debriefing yourself after a sales meeting
(34:43) – What are the questions someone should ask themselves to determine if it was a good meeting? 
(42:35) – The importance of process & activity on the quality of a conversation
(45:40) – How do you define and help build a process?
(48:13) – how do you reconcile the need to tell the client about you and the need to close the sale while maintaining everything we’ve discussed?
(58:16) – What is the purpose of Business?