Nate Guggia is the Co-Founder of Before You Apply, a  creative studio and content platform that helps companies and their recruiting teams give candidates an insider’s look at their work and culture. They work with growth-focused organizations in highly competitive markets to help companies and talent teams hire fast.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of employer branding to both attract and repel talent so that you are only getting the best people for your unique needs. Nate also helps define and make actionable the elusive “Employee Value Proposition” (EVP).

Mentioned in this Episode:


(2:27) – Can you pitch your organization and how you approach your work?
(4:53) – How much of your work is around making a company attractive to people vs. helping them ‘opt out’?
(6:41) – Getting the right people in the right door instead of pure volume of moving candidates
(10:28) – How do you define Employee Value Proposition  & Employer Branding? How are they the same or different?
(15:27) – What’s the final product a client is getting from the EVP?
(18:30) – Do you have an example of what a good EVP for one of your clients is and how they used it?
(19:56) – What did the initial conversations with Mozilla look like and how did you help them define things?
(25:00) – What did Mozilla get from you and how did they use it?
(26:40) – How do you tell stories?
(28:19) – What makes a good question?
(30:42) – Authenticity at the company level
(34:40) – Content as a filter at the top of the funnel
(37:34) – Candidate FAQs
(40:16) – Where are people getting things wrong when telling their story? (content, medium, storytelling ability, etc.)
(45:48) – What are you sick of talking about?
(49:09) – What is the purpose of Business?