Pamela Meyer is a leading Agile Innovation expert who works with leaders, teams, and organizations that need to be more agile and innovative to compete in a rapidly changing world. She is the author of five books on agility, innovation, and learning, including her newest book, Staying in the Game: Leading and Learning with Agility for a Dynamic Future as well as The Agility Shift: Creating Agile and Effective Leaders, Teams and Organizations and From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement.

Mentioned in this Episode: 

(2:32) – Introducing Pamela and her work.
(3:38) – Why did you write “Staying In The Game” and what is it about?
(6:48) – What is a “game”? How should we think about our life in terms of games, and how do we know what game we are actually playing?
(8:22) – What are the four ‘P’s?
(10:15) – If we aren’t feeling purpose or passion in our career should we find another “game”?
(12:15) – How do you take something that’s working in one area and transfer it to other areas of your life?
(15:55) – How do we balance the hard work and suffering it takes to reach a goal with happiness?
(21:47) – How do you think about deciding between “how do I embrace the struggle?” versus “it’s time to move on”?
(26:40) – How do we continue to play the game that makes us money while also loosening its grip on us so we can enjoy it?
(29:03) – What does it mean to be agile?
(29:58) – How does somebody self-assess their agility?
(31:30) – Where do we start to improve our agility?
(35:44) – Why is slowing down important to agility?
(38:06) – Can you talk about the four different kinds of reflection?
(43:40) – How do we move from self-confidence to self-awareness?
(49:42) – What is the purpose of business?