Jo Marini is the CEO of Mother Superior, a venture foundry focused on bringing VC money and support to underrepresented entrepreneurs. The wheels in her head began turning during her MBA when she found out that 98% of VC investment goes to well-connected white men. Jo quickly realized that women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, individuals over 60, and disabled people barely figure in the stats. Mother Superior is setting out to share the wealth, be it through knowledge, time, skills, or money.

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Time Codes:
(2:30) – The origin of Mother Superior.
(4:41) – What was it about your MBA program that made it non-traditional?
(8:42) – What do the people who come to Mother Superior look like?
(10:36) – The importance of making things personal.
(12:55) – What types of ideas are your clients trying to bring into the world?
(15:03) – What is a social impact venture?
(15:58) – Do you have any examples of how businesses structure themselves for social impact?
(17:48) – What is a common good agreement?
(21:13) – How should people be thinking about their impact?
(24:12) – What’s the criticism you’re facing in your work?
(25:37) – What are the big friction points you see holding people back from investing in Mother Superior?
(29:14) – Implementing true systemic change.
(33:21) – Do you have any examples of how your operating systems ripples out to create businesses that run in different ways?
(36:26) – Working within constraints.
(39:01) – Do the founders you work with come to you wanting to work within your constraints or are they just looking for a path to the market?
(39:47) – Where Mother Superior is headed in the future.
(43:07) – What are you most excited to be talking about?
(44:11) – What are you sick of talking about?
(45:07) – What do you mean by “accessing the world”?
(52:15) – What is the purpose of business?