James Hornick is a Partner at Hirewell, where he has specialized in the recruitment of marketing and technology professionals since 2005. He created Hirewell’s Digital Experience & Marketing recruiting practice while also leading the firm’s internal strategy, marketing, and business development initiatives. James is a proponent of value-driven content and regularly shares his perspective on the Talent Acquisition and Recruiting industry.

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(3:04) – What is Hirewell and what do you do?
(6:24) – What was the process like to pivot your marketing approach?
(8:39) – How do you advise clients on their content strategy related to recruiting?
(11:04) – What is the state of the hiring market in the summer of 2021?
(14:17) – Have you seen any changes in recruiting compared with 18 months ago?
(19:16) – Do you see most recruiting departments training on the full spectrum of skills (i.e. project management, sales, marketing, human behavior, psychology, and interviewing)?
(21:44) – What are the most valuable skills worth investing in early on in recruiting?
(26:00) – Where are you seeing employees engaging with content today?
(27:27) – Thoughts on the explosion of the podcast industry.
(32:24) – James’ Hot Takes on the state of remote work.
(43:55) – What are the biggest mistakes job seekers are making right now?
(45:18) – How did you develop a contrarian and individualistic worldview?
(50:46) – Imposter Syndrome
(51:56) – What are you sick of talking about right now?
(53:03) – What aren’t people talking enough about?
(55:58) – What is the purpose of business?