Andrea Petrone is an Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor, Facilitator, and Speaker. He helps CEOs and other C-Suite leaders in the mid-market to drive growth and performance by leading change, building transformational teams, and designing winning strategies.

Before launching his advisory firm, Andrea held C-suite executive roles for more than 20 yrs at the international level. He worked in six countries and three continents primarily in the Oil and Energy, Industrial, and Consulting sectors.

Andrea hosts the popular podcast “The World Class Leaders Show” where he and his guests deconstruct the success of high-performance leaders, share their stories and teach the most effective strategies to move from average to greatness. Andrea is originally Italian and he lives in London, UK.

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Time Codes:
(3:10) – What are the misconceptions about Executive Coaching?
(5:55) – What questions do you get from leaders when you first engage with them?
(8:44) – How many frameworks do you deploy in your work?
(9:58) – Could you give an example of one of your frameworks?
(15:25) – How are your clients held accountable?
(20:22) – How do you get leaders to open up to the fact that they have weaknesses?
(26:16) – Do you have any methods for easing someone’s ego?
(30:17) – Where do you start when working with teams?
(36:59) – What are some great methods for assessing teams?
(41:50) – What have you found to be best practices for creating an environment of psychological safety?
(49:07) – What do you notice are the biggest differences in how teams and leaders operate around the world?
(53:51) – What lessons have you learned in doing your podcast?
(59:11) – What is the purpose of business?
(1:00:10) – How can people engage with you online?