Amanda Greenberg is the CEO and Co-Founder of Balloon, a platform that unlocks ideas, insights, and feedback by eliminating groupthink and amplifying unheard voices. Prior to founding Balloon, she served as a public health researcher in Washington, D.C., where she developed behavior change campaigns for the EPA and CDC under then-Vice President Joe Biden. Amanda is an expert in the barriers to true collaboration and how groups can get past them to make better decisions.

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(2:42) – Why are groups making worse decisions than they think?
(4:57) – What is the standard group decision-making process?
(7:26) – What is Balloon?
(10:10) – Can you define how you run a flight asynchronously?
(11:46) – Are these flights just for brainstorming or is there a longer use case?
(15:36) – Is there an option for anonymity in the feedback that goes to leaders?
(17:33) – What are some of the most frequent or most impactful biases you see?
(22:46) – What are your thoughts on the power of gut feeling vs. group collaboration?
(26:33) – How does the extra “question clarification” part of sessions get built into a flight?
(28:36) – How have you built out templates for starting conversations?
(32:54) – Do you have examples of what this new way of working looks like?
(35:40) – Is there a certain personality type that doesn’t do well with Balloon?
(38:29) – What have you learned about creativity from your research?
(43:46) – When do we get to come together and for what purpose as remote workers?
(48:25) – Is there anything Balloon offers to help people test out ideas or pilots?
(50:58) – What are you sick of talking about?
(52:52) – What interests you the most within your work?
(54:19) – What is the purpose of business?
(55:05) – How can people learn more about Balloon?