Daniel Vallejos is the founder of 360HRE, an employee experience design studio based in Chicago, IL. His work includes 360-videos for recruitment and education as well as experiential training for Human Resources professionals. His core mission: elevate the workforce through experience.   

In this episode, we talk about the future of Human Resources and how to level up to be ready when it gets here. We also talk about the power of our experiences and how to design purposeful experiences for your employees. 

Daniel holds a Master’s in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from Columbia University (New York) and a Bachelor’s in Spanish and International Relations from the University of Kansas. He sits on the DisruptHR Chicago Chapter Board and is a member of the Chicago-based start-up incubator 1871.  You can find him and his company on Instagram, and Twitter @360HRE.

Episode References:
The Medici Effect