Jim Connolly is Founder & CEO of ILR, LLC (www.IndustryLeadingResults.com), an organizational behavior consulting practice. Jim’s expertise in human behavior and organizational process helps companies hire the right talent and close the gap between performance and results. He has worked with over a hundred companies and completed more than 2,700 behavioral interviews. He has honed a process that can tell you today what you’ll know about an employee six months after you hire them. He is highly skilled at completing an in-depth analysis of a person’s qualifications, strengths, and character.

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(3:10) –  What is the difference between a Doctorate and a PhD?
(4:59) – What field are you getting your Doctorate in?
(6:07) – What are the problems are you solving for companies?
(8:07) – Are there people who are programmed to be explorers and those who are not?
(10:15) – Jim’s work in Change Management.
(13:45) – What are the best practices for behavioral interviewing?
(35:43) – How should employers be thinking about developing their people?
(39:29) – Can you build average people into high-performers?
(43:11) – How do you think about “drive” as a personality trait?
(46:54) – What’s the right way to think about training people to become high performers?
(57:39) – What is the purpose of business?