Brian Bogert is a human behavior and performance coach, professional speaker, business strategist, and philanthropic leader. He teaches individuals how to leverage their authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life of their dreams.

In this conversation, we discuss Brian’s philosophy of embracing pain to avoid suffering. He shares his personal journal (which includes having his arm severed at a young age) and offers tips and resources for people to get started on their own journey.

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(2:36) – What is the worst advice you hear people giving out today? 

(4:17) – What is the difference between a coach and a therapist? 

(6:59) – How do you define your work?

(8:37) – What do you see as the top negative feelings or emotions that are holding people back? 

(10:10) – What is a shame based culture? How does it show up? 

(12:32) – Unpacking the root of ‘Shame’

(17:09) – How do you get through the barriers that are either self imposed or community imposed on dealing with “success”?

(23:11) – How do you help people keep something in their conscious awareness so they can be using it in the right way in the moment? 

(26:52) – Unpacking the concept of ’routine’ 

(30:51) – The importance of “I am..” statements

(35:22) – How do you coach people in dealing with the uncomfortable-ness of making change in their life? 

(48:15) – How do you help people let go of the things they feel like they should be doing but brings them little value and no joy? 

(52:14) – Where do you suggest people start with themselves, in the context of the year 2020? 

(56:16) – What is the purpose of business?