Chris Schmitt and Scott Morley are West Point Grads, Army Special Forces “Green Berets”, and corporate leadership coaches with Azimuth Leadership. Chris founded Azimuth after 30 years in the Army to continue his life of service and pass along the leadership lessons he’d spent a lifetime learning. Whether it’s through their one-on-one and group coaching or their outdoor leadership excursion called The Traverse, Chris, Scott, and the Azimuth team are guiding their clients to show more kindness, live epically, and be stoked.

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(3:33) –  Can you pitch the story of Azimuth to the audience?
(6:29) – How do you blend leadership consulting with the outdoors?
(10:32) – Scott’s transition out of the military.
(11:04) – What was it about Azimuth that made you want to make this your next career step.
(13:19) – What are the leadership frameworks that you learn at West Point?
(21:04) – Becoming a leader within West Point.
(22:20) – How do you suggest the average person get leadership reps in their own lives?
(30:50) – Leadership by Example
(33:07) – Living your values and guiding others to set their own values.
(35:28) – Is it important to have written values that everyone knows or should leaders just be good leaders?
(39:14) – Do you have any examples of how value shifting showed up in your time in the field?
(50:08) – The importance of coaches.
(54:57) – How do you balance accepting failure and needing great performance?
(1:00:15) – What is the purpose of business?