Ann Latham is the author of The Power of Clarity and founder of the consulting firm Uncommon Clarity®. Her clients represent over 40 industries and range from organizations such as Boeing, Hitachi, and Medtronic to non-profits such as the Public Broadcasting Service, the United Way, and colleges and universities. Ann’s advice has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, and

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Time Codes:
(0:15) –  Introduction to Ann Lathan
(1:45) – How do you define clarity?
(3:29) –  How did you become an authority on clarity?
(6:08) – What is true clarity?
(9:35) – What is a treadmill verb and what are some examples?
(10:50) – How do you avoid using words like ‘review’ as hiding spots or stalling places?
(14:24) – do you have a recommended pre-meeting process to get everyone on the same page?
(17:48) – What is the S.O.A.R. decision-making method?
(23:29) – Can you explain ‘wandering in’ and how it relates to decision-making?
(28:00) – What does the start of your day look like?
(28:57) – Is your approach based on the book “Getting Stuff Done”?
(31:48) – What does your tool look like for capturing and organizing the bigger picture?
(33:18) –  How much time does it take to stay organized?
(34:50) –  What are the elements that make sifting and organizing more practical?
(41:44) –  What other tips do you have for reducing distractions?
(44:07) – What are you sick of talking about?
(46:26) – Would you argue that every business interaction has to be purely focused and objective?
(50:56) – How can people find you?