Helping Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story w/ Justin Breen

Justin Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the best-selling book, Epic Business. Justin is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. And he finds the best stories when he networks with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses. JustinContinue reading “Helping Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story w/ Justin Breen”

Upgrade Your Health w/ Ari Levy

Dr. Ari Levy is in the business of helping people live better. As the founder of Shift, he is focused on the intersections of neuroscience, immune-physiology, and allostatic load (wear-and-tear on the body). His work and research are redefining the way we think about managing and building health and personal well-being. He joins the podcast to talkContinue reading “Upgrade Your Health w/ Ari Levy”

Post Pandemic Hiring w/ James Hornick

James Hornick is a Partner at Hirewell, where he has specialized in the recruitment of marketing and technology professionals since 2005. He created Hirewell’s Digital Experience & Marketing recruiting practice while also leading the firm’s internal strategy, marketing, and business development initiatives. James is a proponent of value-driven content and regularly shares his perspective on the TalentContinue reading “Post Pandemic Hiring w/ James Hornick”

Decision Hygiene w/ Linnea Gandhi

Linnea Gandhi is a researcher, teacher, and practitioner of behavioral science in business settings. And she’s obsessed with error; studying it, fixing it, and even embracing it to enable better decisions by individuals and organizations. Her work on error intentionally straddles academia and the real world: She teaches decision science at the University of Chicago BoothContinue reading “Decision Hygiene w/ Linnea Gandhi”

The Mental Game w/Andy Riise

Andy Riise is currently a Mental Skills Coach for the Cincinnati Reds. Originally from Oakdale, CA, Andy is an Eagle Scout, West Point graduate, and former Army Football player. Over his decorated 20 year military career as a Field Artillery Officer, Andy led Soldiers in a variety of overseas missions highlighted by multiple combat deployments toContinue reading “The Mental Game w/Andy Riise”

Living on Purpose w/ James Madison

James Madison is the Founder and CEO of On Purpose Life, where he helps professionals become more effective and inspiring leaders.  His superpowers are connecting, encouraging, and maximizing professional and personal development. James is an Army veteran who served in Germany and participated in Operation Desert Storm. After serving in the military, he spent 25 years inContinue reading “Living on Purpose w/ James Madison”

Finding Your Flow w/ Diane Allen

Diane Allen was the Concertmaster (lead violinist) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years, a well sought-after violin teacher for 28 years, and the author of sixteen music workbooks sold worldwide. Today, she consults and speaks with individuals and organizations on the Flow State. Diane has developed a proprietary process that enables people to be atContinue reading “Finding Your Flow w/ Diane Allen”

Building Better Leaders w/ Mary Herrmann

Mary Herrmann is the Managing Director of the Global Executive Coaching practice of BPI Group. She leads a team of professional coaches in the U.S. and abroad, helping organizations drive change and deliver results through proven best practices in leadership and executive team development. With a wide range of executive coaching and team assignments under her belt,Continue reading “Building Better Leaders w/ Mary Herrmann”

The Career Editor w/ Leah Stallone

Leah Stallone is the founder of The Career Edit LLC, a full-service career strategy firm partnering with those ready to write, or rewrite, their career story. As a life-long career junkie, Leah spent the first 15 years of her professional life in talent management helping others find their professional sparkle. As “The Career Editor”, Leah shares theContinue reading “The Career Editor w/ Leah Stallone”

Making the Most of Your Money w/ Bill Bloom

Bill Bloom is the founder and CEO of Bloom Financial, a financial advisory firm focused on helping individuals “Retire as You Desire”. Among other clients, Bill works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them figure out what to do with their money and when. In this conversation, Bill shares his insight on our most common moneyContinue reading “Making the Most of Your Money w/ Bill Bloom”